We are continuing to develom new products to offer.

Customers, Vendors and Employees

Customers are the fuel for any company. Without them you are not in business. Vendors are equally important. Without obtaining parts you can not fabricate and deliver anything to those customers. The third important element are the employees. Without them you can not use the vendors products to make what you must sell to your customers.

Therefore, we thank all of them with whom we have worked together in the past.

An announcement.

U.S. Tech Corporation has evolved through the years. We started out consulting in technology development. Then developed technology which we commercialized, In that manufacturing phase we had products in the automotive industry, industrial industry, PCB industry and military facilites for ammunition testing. We still have on the shelf technology based products we have not commerized yet. However, recently the principals of the firm have just been relieved of supplier and customer obligations. We are taking this opportunity to give back to this great country. See you in the news!

A bit on the side.

U.S. Tech Corporation will continue to exist for future endeavors. Like all entrepreneurs we will evolve again.